Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Faste's Review of Creative Strategies

Back in 1989, Rolfe Faste drew up a one page document he called Review of Creative Strategies which was used as a handout in one of the design classes at Stanford. His son recently posted it in one of the online design discussion groups and it was so good I wanted to talk about it here.

Faste made major contributions in the fields of human centered design and design education. He was a professor of mechanical engineering and director of the Stanford Joint Program in Design from 1984 to 2003. 

I'll be working on this for a while...

1) Hard Work - Usually comes first.
2) Create a Supportive Environment - Invest in yourself.
3) RELAX - Even Dream - Tap your subconscious.
4) Brainstorming - Express/Test/Cycle
5) Lists
6) Metalists - Lists of Lists to make lists of!
7) Metaphorical Analysis - Atribute matching
8) Idea Logs + Drawings
9) Humor - The pleasure of making new connections.
10) Conversation - You have to talk to people.
11) Forced Transformations - "Checklist Solitare"
12) Synectics - Analogies and Conflict
13) Diagram Physical Process - Time/Activity/Flow
14) "What if?" - Have an enabling attitude.
15) Design Making Matrix - 
16) Working Backwards
17) Storyboards
18) How-Why Diagram
19) Nasal Thinking (Jim Adams)
20) Mind Maps
21) Meta Summary - Visual Thinking
22) Diagram Yourself


  1. Any idea what "Nasal Thinking" is? Google doesn't know.

  2. Looks to be associated with Jim Adams, I'll ask him if he has an idea.