Thursday, September 29, 2016

Gallup's 2016 Q12® Survey Results are Stunning

The Gallup 2016 Q12® Meta-Analysis: Ninth Edition has been published and the results should be be mandatory reading for front line managers and their bosses, all the way back to the corner office.

Among the eye-opening findings was the statement that only 10% of the current workforce has the necessary skills to be effective managers; those who are able to effectively motivate and engage the workforce, presently 2/3 of whom are "disengaged" in the workplace. In the report, Gallup stated:

"The process of managing and improving the workplace is crucial and presents great challenges to nearly every organization."

Gallup accumulated 339 research studies across 230 organizations in 49 industries with employees in 73 countries. Within each study, they statistically calculated the business-/work- unit-level relationship between employee engagement and performance outcomes that the organizations supplied. In total, Gallup was able to study 82,248 business/work units that included 1,882,131 employees.

A core element of the study is the use of Gallup's proprietary "Q12®" questions to measure overall satisfaction in the workplace on a 5-point scale, where “5” is extremely satisfied and “1” extremely dissatisfied. The answers relate to a dozen factors which contribute to employee engagement, which in turn correlates highly with personal and corporate success. 

They also paint a picture of a workplace environment that sounds more like a family business, a sports team or fire and rescue battalion, than a large, impersonal, corporation;

  • Roles and responsibilities are mutually and fully communicated.
  • Employees are provided with the resources they need to do their jobs effectively.
  • Employee's are given the opportunity to utilize their strongest skills in doing their jobs.
  • Employees are regularly given positive feedback for the quality of their work.
  • Coworkers and superiors support each other, both personally and professionally.
  • Employees are encouraged to learn and improve their skills and abilities.
  • Everyone is encouraged to expressing a diverse range ideas.
  • The company’s goals and vision are a source of pride for employees.
  • Real, sustainable quality is a top priority.
  • Employees have strong, reliable, friendships in the workplace.
  • The company shows its commitment to employee growth and success by holding regular performance reviews.
  • Employees receive regular opportunities to expand their knowledge and improve their work related skills.
A number of articles containing highlights and insights are available on the Employee Engagement page of Gallup's website. 

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